How Not to Get Lost in The Flock of Bloggers

how to not get lost in the flock of bloggers
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Believe me, when I say there are a lot of bloggers out there trying to keep their heads above water and not get lost.  There are millions of blogs created every month that doesn’t survive their first year. You wonder, what is it? Maybe it is their content or lack of their inconsistency or just wrong niche, whatever it is blogs are dropping like flies that got sprayed. So, the big question is, how not to get lost in the flock of bloggers, and how survive in this blogging jungle?

When I tell people that their niche is everything, they do a double take. But, it is true. If you start your blog in the wrong niche and there is no audience, how are you going to make money and have a successful blog? You could have the prettiest ‘baby doll blog’ or write like Shakespeare and it’s just a thrill to read, if no one is seeing it, then you are writing for yourself and Grandma Annie. Your goal is to attract visitors to your blog and offer them something of value.

Why visitors come to your blog

Whenever someone enters your space blog they are there looking for something. They already came with an agenda and hopefully you have what they need. If you don’t, they are out of there faster than you can say, “who’s that”. That is why keywords and niche researching are so vital in a blog success. You have got to give the people what they want and they, in turn, will give you their loyalty.

Give them what they want

Giving information via your blog cannot be mediocre, it has to be innovative, vibrant, passionate yet, give the right information. There are a lot of blogs in the blogging world churning out regurgitated stuff. Swell, we all want to be different and have the hit factor, but is not easy. You’ve got to try out old techniques, after all, they have been tried and proven to work.  Experiment with new information and give an accurate report, be the go to person for bloggers. Your thought should be, how not to get lost in the flock of bloggers and be another blog that is laid to rest.

Is thinking outside of the box always the right thing?

Folks are always saying, “Think outside of the box.” Which in most part is a good idea, but being in the box has already been tested and tried. Others before you perfected the method and that’s why they are successful.You stepping out of the box is taking a chance, can you afford to take that chance. That’s a question each blogger must ask themselves if they can be the Guinee pig. Mind you, if it works, then you are the hero, if it doesn’t, well… Sometimes risks are necessary for the greater good of blogging.

Finding your way and how not to get lost in the flock of bloggers 

The precepts here is to be noticed and make money as a blogger, to be visible and let your voice be heard. Blogging is about forming a relationship with people and build a little tribe.

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