Food and Money: The Power Struggle

Weight Loss and Poorness: Food and money

The essence of this blog is to make money from home and be poor no more and know the power of food .This is an important topic that resonate with a lot of people in today’s society. However, the goal of this blog is weight loss and I personally thinks it correlates to leading a healthier, better life and leaving poorness behind. Food and Money: The power struggle is real and money can determine the state of a person’s health. There are several ways to gain good health while trying to reach one’s goals.

Having all the money in the world and not being able to enjoy it because of ill-health is useless. Losing weight and becoming a healthier person will enable you to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Too many times individuals are caught in the make money craze and forsake their health, which is essential for a great life.

A persons ideal weight is an individual assessment,  to determine the state of health and to set goals. Their situation may stem from various reasons, for examples stress due to over work  and not being able to exercise  or just mere over eating. Just look around in today’s society and the fast food joints, the food is cheap and fattening. If you are poor that’s the place you are moist likely to eat.  Hence, if you are not careful you’ll end up poor and fat.

Knowing the power of food

Food has the power to outwit an individual and the control to keep them fat. It has the ability to blindside and make them lose their will power. Usually a person will use a new diet to lose weight and get their health in check. But what is needed is a new way of thinking, the brain must learn other coping mechanism. Ways of coping with stress, finding the will to exercise and ways to  eliminate destructive eating habits  is the individual’s responsibility.

Strategy for drop the weight

Make conscious effort to eat healthy and make better choices

Develop a mantra that resonate with you. Mine is ‘I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.’ This works when ever I am confronted  with sweet delicious desserts which are high in fat and sugar. The change that needs to come is from inside. The mind has to be ready for change. The brain is what control the body and the emotions.

You will have to take it a strep further and purge your home and working environment. Get rid of sweet indulgences, unhealthy things  that willk derail your weight loss efforts. The hidden snacks on your desk or cupboards must be gone. Avoid foods that contain sugar,corn syrup,dextrose,sucrose, fructose, honey, molasses sorghum or any type of artifical sweetener.  With these measures taken you are reeducating your brain to want the healthier foods and crave what is healthy.

No sugar forever? Not necessarily. Later when your taste buds have changed  and sugar is no longer your KYPTONITE., you maybe able to add a small about to you diet.  Avoid sweets for a month and experience the dramatic results.

Final Thoughts

Just like making m0ney, good health is there for anyone that desire it. All it take is to assess where you are and the end result. Take action and develop your staying power.

Poorness no more


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am a slayer. I created this site for women that desire to change their lives and experience all the things God has promised us. This is a fight against poorness and financial bondage. It is your right to achieve greatness and to live the life you desire, with confidence. You are amazing, wonderfully made and is capable of greatness. Hello, I am Reesa Mac and I have a passion to help women find greatness in themselves so they and experience2 the other side of life that we don't get to experience. I am a mother and wife and it is my desire that my girls settle for nothing less than the best, but in order to do so they must be able to provide the best for themselves. Lets go on this journey and create our own destiny...cheers.

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