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Don’t be sad, be motivated

I am Reesa Mac and I think I am the original hustler. I have been making money on my since I was a teenager. I knew I wanted to own several business and have several streams of income. I was always fiercely independent and competitive. I wanted to be the best and to always win. Though, over the years I have learned that winner isn’t everything, but it is how you play the game.

This blog was started on the sole purpose of being an antidote to those feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with their situation. Being overwhelmed and having nowhere to turn is like being hungry and having no food to eat. It is the feeling of desperation, anxiety and defeat.

Finding yourself over-tired, angry and feeling hopeless that your situation will never change is rather disheartening. For your sanity it is your job to find relieve yourself of the anxiety and find ways to improve life. It is not time for a pity party or giving up on one’s self. It is time to find that inner strength that has been suppressed and climb out of the valley of poorness and onto the banks of financial freedom. 

This is not a situation that is afflicting you alone, one third of Americans are poor. Many cannot find the motivation or have the agility to climb out of the rut they are in.

Determination supersedes failure!

Many times folks end up in bad situations because decisions they made where not right for them, but they did not just stop and wallow in their misjudgment. They continue to try different things to find the formula that works. Education is the card that trumps all. Whether it is formal or informal training it will be of benefit to facilitate a plan to make money. Many times the lack of education determines the jobs that a person is qualified for. These jobs are shitty, many times pay less than minimum wage and no benefits. They are the jobs left for the poor and less fortunate.

For the individual that is poor these job can be a stepping stone away from desperation. They are not to be considered long term jobs, because you would never gain financial freedom from a dead end job. Use them for what they really are, temporary relief.

It is important to have goals set out. When the stress of live becomes too much it is good to review your goals and see where you are. Have people in your corner that will be their when you need to vent or regroup and go at it again. Get involve with programs and group and remember have fun in whatever you do.

What ever your situation is, remember all is never lost as long as you are on the land of the living.

Getting off Government Assistance and Moving On with Your Life.

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Poor child

On government assistance?

Nothing is wrong with that if you are using it as a short term stepping stone to get back on your feet.  Government assistance was developed to assist the needy. There are different types of programs, depending on the need of the recipient.  There is money allocated for food, housing, and medical needs, with subsidies for low income working workers.

Receiving welfare

Note * Poorness is a crime and a person can die from needs in a situation like that. There is no shame in asking help when it is needed. This is why the system is set up the way it is. The government has set up programs to help. Two of the most prominent programs are social security and Medicare provided by the government. When a person finds themselves in a destitute state, with no job, no means of getting ahead, no family and desperation is all they know. The welfare system was developed for that very need. The system has other branch that offer other specialized service such as, unemployment insurance and medical insurance.

Being on social assistant can take away a person independence, and their need to be self-sufficient if it is not used as a stepping stone to get through a rough period. When things are constantly being given to a person they loose the will to go out and get it for themselves, it is just human nature. So, the sooner one can take themselves off the better it is for them.

Here are some ways to get off social assistance and pave your financial way.

I hear this saying many times. “I’m not working for minimum wage.” In reality it is better to have something coming in that you have worked for. It boosts the self-esteem and eventually you will crave for more.

Can’t find a job, next best thing is to create a job. There several businesses that an individual can start from home that will generate an income.

  1. A home child care– If you love children this can be an ideal opportunity. Ask around your neighborhood or advertise at your child school or at church for anyone needing child care.
  2. Do you like baking? – Of course the grocery stores are filled unhealthy bake goods, but you are going to do something different. You can make organic or vegan or even Paleo bake products and sell to your neighbors and friends. Eventually your business will advertisement by word of mouth. There are laws that regulate food production from home. Here is the USA info link and here is Canada’s link.
  3. How about shopping?– There is a need for personal shopper as folks become busier and find it difficult to venture in the malls to shop. Start by asking around to your friends and then word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to grow your business.
  4. Do you like to see a sparkling clean home? – There is always a need for home cleaners. Advertise and do an exceptional job and your business will grow rapidly to the point that you may have to contract out the work.
  5. Are you an exceptional cook? Become a personal chef. You go into someone’s home, prepare meals for the week, package them and then you leave. Or, be the personal chef at theme parties and events.


The home base business is a wide open field, it is up to you to make the decision to take the leap and start your journey to financial freedom.


Deciding to return to school to further your education.

Furthering your education will give you the tools needed to enter a specific field with the right training and knowledge to succeed. Becoming a professional will definitely put you on the track to a healthier financial future.

My Healthy Life transformation

 Healthy Food is Man’s Medicine


My goal when I started this transformation was to foster self-confidence and find my purpose however, I have come to the conclusion that a healthy life should be number one on my list. It is great to want to boost your self-confidence and your purpose, but if your health is not on par, what good are all those things.

I had been going no stop for years without a specific goal or aim and I had a couple of young family members that passed away and it made me look at my life. I examine myself to understand if I am doing what I want to do or I am helping people reach where they want to reach, was my life and health exemplary? I had to take a hard look and answer the questions truthfully. Things were not where I wanted them. A transformation was needed to be put into place.

Sometimes we don’t have to aim for the big life altering changes but it is the small positive changes that have an a significant effect on us. My goal was to let this transformation propelled me from living a mediocre life to living one in abundance and complete joy. This joy is one that you have deep within you, no matter what’s going around you, there is still ways to facilitate greatness.

Healthy Food is Man’s Medicine

healthy foods


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food  Hippocrates

I have transformed my kitchen to a healthy hangout. I find that if it is welcoming, then I will get more visitors ie. my children won’t be scared to enter. I have replaced all my beloved carbs with the new master of the kitchen… vegetables. They are eaten with every meal and sometimes even for snacks. Protein is high up there on the list, I try to keep it 45 grams per day.

Water consumption is a working progress with me. During the summer, I am able to drink up to six glasses of water per day. My minimum should be nine glasses. Take your weight and divide it by half and that’s the amount you should be drinking in FL. ounces.

Exercise is a big part of my life. I go to the gym four times per week and try to burn 300 calories each visit. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot to some people, but for me it is amazing. This healthy food transformation can be time-consuming if you don’t have a plan.

The Plan

Write down your goals.

  1. b) Write down your starting point
  2. c) Remove all unhealthy foods from your kitchen (less temptation to cheat.)
  3. d) Fill your cupboards and fridge with the healthy foods you’ve been reading about.
  4. e) Have good water (reverse osmosis is what I use)
  5. f) Exercise
  6. g) Have a good night’s rest.
  7. h) Love abundantly.
  8. I) Have a good detox tea to remove the unnecessary garbage and toxins out of the body. This will help with high blood pressure, high glucose, asthma and detoxing the body. If you would like to know more about this amazing tea, click or contact via the comment box.

Americas richest women Entrepreneurs that are billionaires

Entrepreneur and financial freedom


Here is an impressive list of women that went after their dreams. These are the women that didn’t take no for an answer and the word quitting was not in their vocabulary. They developed the mindset   for success long before they even came close to their dreams.


Diane Henricks-5.2 billion



Made her money from roofing supplies.  She is a well-known philanthropist that has to dabble in film producing.

Elizabeth Holmes-$3.6 billion

youngest female billionaire

She is Americas youngest billionaire that made her fortunate through her blood testing company, Theranos. She dropped out of Stanford University before graduating.


Doris Fisher-$5.2 billion

Gap Entrepeneur

Married to Don Fisher and co-founder of Gap.


Jin Sook Chang-$5.4 billion

Forever 21 owner

Korean-born Jin Sook is founder and owner of Forever 21


Oprah Winfrey-$3.6 billion

Media Mogul

She made her fortune by being a media mogul, philanthropist, talk show host among her endeavors.


Judy Faulkner-$2.6 billion

Health care entrepreneur

Founder and CEO of Epic Systems, a healthcare software giant.


Johnelle Hunt-$2.4 billion

transportation billionaire
Trucking Magnet

CO- founder of J.B Hunt Transport Services, a trucking company.


Judy Love-$2.4 billion


Self-made millionaire in retail and gas station businesses.


Marian Ilitch-$2.2 billion

Pizza Magnet


Entrepreneur and founder of little Caesars pizza.



Meg Whitman-$2.1 billion

billionaire entrepreneur

She is a business executive and political candidate, also the CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

10 Tips On Becoming a Millionaire and gain Financial Freedom

On the journey to success


I’m sure the majority of folks dream of becoming a millionaire, myself included in the mix. If you crave more time to do the things you love and be with those you hold dear or afford the finer things in life, then you are normal.

Steve Harvey did a segment of is show recently on the tips of becoming a millionaire. He had different millionaires divvied out tips to help those that are struggling towards this goal. It was great hearing those that have reached the destination you are headed, reach back and give advice. Here are some of the tips they shared:

  • Believe in yourself and what you are doing.

If you believe in yourself, then others will believe in you.

  • Absorb all the knowledge you can get.

Hang around people that are where you want to be


  • Have the mindset to achieve the American dream.

Success is hard, but you can do it.


  • Don’t ever give up.

When things get tough stay the course.


  • Show gratitude.

Be thankful for what you have in order to be successful.


  • Be confident and not arrogant.

Don’t think you are better than anyone and don’t think anyone is better than you.


  • You can’t follow a parked car.

Follow people that are going somewhere. They must not only good, but be on the road to success or already there.


  • Find mentors.

You are going to need someone in your corner who can guide and motivate you.


  • You need to be accountable.

Take responsibilty for your actions or lack of.


  • Start small.

Reinvest in your business and watch it grow. This includes investing in yourself ie personal development.


Bonus tip

Stay your ground, quitting is not an option.


Place these tips in your arsenal and pave the way to becoming a millionaire.

How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur and Gain Financial Freedom.

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Having a regular 9-5 is great if it pays well and you get to spend quality time with your family. However, if these things are not cover it is just a J.O.B (just over broke). They are probably paying you just enough to keep you coming back, which will not get you to financial freedom. Mind you, I have nothing  against working a regular 9-5, but when one can not reach financial freedom I got a problem. There is a better way.

Entrepreneurs are in charge of their time, they love what they do and they make a lot of money depending on how successful they are. You may find yourself admiring an entrepreneur’s lifestyle and wishing to have the same financial freedom. The great thing is anyone with the drive can become an entrepreneur. As an employee you may find you have to curb yourself around your work place, you have to watch what you say, make it to work at certain hours, follow someone else’s leadership even when they are wrong because you want to keep your job. If this is you, you may want to make the vital transition to an entrepreneur. So how do you make the change from an employee to an entrepreneur? Well, first you need to understand exactly what an entrepreneur is; an entrepreneur is someone who has started a particular business with the aim of making profit. For you to gain financial freedom by becoming an entrepreneur you need to first find your interest and passion. You can list all the things that interest you down, you will find that you probably have more than one idea listed, pick the one that is most viable to you at the moment. This will be important because sometimes you will have difficult days and your passion is the only thing that will keep you going. Once you find your passion try and translate it into cash. How much do you think people would be willing to pay for your products or service? Is that amount able to sustain you? If the idea you have is already quite popular think of a way you can twist it or make it different from the other available options. Next you need to carry out a survey of the potential customers you have in mind and what they would like. Basically do a market survey and find out where you are most likely to find customers then set up your business there. Begin by making a business plan where you work with figures, how much will the raw materials cost or the things needed by the business including the cost of transportation and any other business costs then adjust your price of your commodity accordingly.

When getting started begin small scale with a few customers then create a customer base. Work with what you can deliver and be disciplined with your money putting aside money to pay yourself, money to buy more stock and for saving and increasing the business. As the business grows you can get to know what people like and don’t like and how you can readjust yourself. You may need to hire other people to work for you then think of how you can increase your customer base through either advertising or changing the area where you sell your product.

For the first few months you may want to do your business as a side business while keeping your employment as you become more successful you can finally resign from your present job and go into full time business. As you change from employee to entrepreneur you will need to keep good records of what you put in the business and how much you are making. These records will help you determine whether you are making a profit or a loss. If you are making a loss you will need to change tactic and if you are making a profit then think about using it to expand your business. This way you will finally be able to achieve financial freedom to be able to manage your personal expenditure and the business needs as well.

Having a wholesome breakfast prepares to eliminate poorness syndrome

20160406_115306It has been played in our ears over and over, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes we know that, but do we always do what we know? Nine times out of ten the answer is no. But really, come morning after sleeping between six and ten hours our bodies are staving, which includes the brain . This amazing organ requires nutrients to perform it’s intended functions and that is making decisions, mood control and appetite control.

Having a healthy breakfast will facilitate these things and help the body regulate itself. We should focus on putting the ideal foods in at the ideal time. Breakfast should consist of good carbs, a good source of protein and a piece of fruit. The protein is on of the most important when breaking the fast. It feeds the brain with glucose that comes from it. Protein is the first thing that crosses the blood barrier in the morning and  gives it the fuel to produce the chemicals needed for the hormones and moods to be on par such a dopromaine and tyrosine.. This barrier impedes certain compounds that would like to infiltrate the brain from the blood. Carbohydrate is essential for energy that will more than likely last longer in the body.

When you are on a mission or have a purpose your body uses more energy, it is in a sense of excitement. In order to fulfill this purpose, the body needs to be prepared for the day’s work ahead. Nothing prepares it like breakfast.

Preparing your mind to do battle against poorness syndrome can be challenging. Good foods are expensive and the resources are not the available. But simple changes in the diet can make your brain more effective in going after what you want. Making better decisions, sticking to the plan and execution of said plan will be easier.

Ideas for a healthy protein rich breakfast

Oatmeal and a boil egg with a piece of fruit

Yogurt, berries and granola

Omlette (one whole egg and two eggs white) with spinach and feta cheese

Scrambled tofu with mushrooms and sliced tomatoes.

What is Financial Freedom and how you can obtain it.

What is Financial Freedom?


In today’s economic climate and external variables, to achieve and maintaining good financial health is vital. Put differently, you can’t only save your way to millionaire status in this day-and-age. So the road to financial freedom requires a robust way of thinking and a sound or strategic plan—focus on earning and saving. To reinforce this idea, let consider the following illustration: If the typical American earns $60,000 a year and saves $3,000 a year, the chances of becoming financially stable or wealthy is very slim on its own. In other words, it will take you more than a lifetime to become a millionaire with the saving mindset only, especially considering the rate of inflation per year.

To add, it has been well stated that a small shift in your mindset can make a significant difference in your financial future. For example, money in itself isn’t bad or evil. The more money you have, the more you can enjoy a better quality of life and help others and make a greater impact on the world at large. Fundamentally speaking, financial freedom is not a lack of education or intelligence, it is simply one’s beliefs about money says Siebold.


For consideration, Siebold says, “Go out and focus on earning and solving problems,” and not hoarding and saving. In other words, save to invest and receive dividends or return on your investment. This means, you ought to divorce the mentality of emotion and married the mindset of logic. To further illustrate, 40 hours per week in a job won’t get you on the road to financial freedom. It’s only a paycheck to prevent homelessness in some cases.

Let your money do the heavy lifting. That is to say, the more money you invest, your investments will work for you. In addition to this, use debt to leverage to increase cash flow and avoid toxic debt such as credit cards and car notes that doesn’t pay you.

Another strategy to consider is to get sound financial mentoring. Drawing on Bill Gate’s philosophy at this point is helpful. “If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake.”  In brief, a conclusion can be drawn that having an aggressive outlook on money coupled with psychology and sound management principles will get you on the road to financial freedom.