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Self Publishing-Tips at it’s finest

Before Amazon there were the publishing houses that made it almost impossible for someone to publish a book. There was the process of getting your manuscript read and getting an agent, then publication. Amazon tapped into a need that was evident by the response to their revolutionary idea of self-publishing. People have been publishing eBooks in droves and if you and here are some self-publishing tips that can make the process worth your while.

Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP is Amazon’s Platform that allows inspired individuals to publish their creations, whether it is information writing or entertainment, there is a market for it. However, there are certain protocols to follow that allows for success with Amazon.

Publishing Tips Canadians- Help to get started

Choose your niche wisely

Develop your writing style and keep on improving.

Get an editor-  If not, this can be death from bad grammar.

Every Book needs a cover- Make yours attractive and eye catching.

Format your book- Make your book organized and easy to get through

Treat your writing like a business. Spend quality time writing and investing time in your business.

Create a website or a blog

Promote your book, use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and for more sales, sign up to Digital2Digital.

Build your list-  You will be leaving money behind if you don’t have a list. The goal is to make money online.

Place your social media links at the back of your books for easy access and ask your readers to join.

Submit your book to review sites for reviews.

Offer give away on your site to people that join your list or follow you on your social media sites.

Join forums and writing groups to keek abreast of changes and things going on in the writing arena.

Rinse and repeat for each book you publish.

These self-publishing tips are the basic for your journey to success .

Do these things and you are well on your way to make money online.

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