Be a Sharp Shooter in your blogging to make extra money

Make Extra Money Blogging

make extra money
Blogging with an aim

On your journey to get out of poorness a blog maybe one of your business project. This could be a great idea if it is well thought out and a plan is put into place.  The blog should be what folks are interested in getting information on. It should reflect your interest in the niche you have chosen. A visitor can mostly tell when interest isn’t in the written article. The posts should be addressing the issues at hand and administer solutions. If you give the people what they want they’ll come and keep coming back for move.

When  blogging to make extra money, do you just write on a random topic pertaining to your blog. Do you just write for writing sake, without a goal in mind or you are not sure what your post should accomplish? These are the questions every blogger needs to ask themselves before their fingers touch the keyboard. Why am I blogging and who is my audience is?

Blogging without an aim is like going for a walk with no destination in mind. One has to be focused on a target. Be a sharp shooter in your blogging. When you make a post on your site, ensure that you your post reaches your target. You will usually know this almost immediately if you have a big following. The comments will come rolling in fast and you’ll have feedback. Then you know you have hit the target.

make extra money
target blogging to make extra money

Keywords essential

Keywords are essential in hitting your target dead on. This is how readers will find you through a topic and the keywords that are in place. Use keywords and phrases that people are searching for. Ones that are long tail, meaning these are specific searches and not generic to a niche. Example of a generic search would be someone searching for ‘Oxford shoes’. A long tail keyword would be ‘brown leather Oxford shoes’. This will get you ranked quicker in the search engine and get you the traffic you so desperately need. Here  you will be able to get help with all your keywords need.

Blogging to make extra money with social media

No man is an island and we need to interact with others. Instead of you trying to reach a million readers all by yourself, why not let others help. Share your content with your followers as soon as it is PUBLISHED. It is important to have various social media accounts such as, FaceBook, twitter, Instagram and YouTub. This way, you will be able to reach a larger audience and spread the word about you and your website. The important thing is to ask your followers to tweet and share your content. More than likely they will share you with their tribe.

Create a page on Facebook for your blog or your business.  Interact with your visitors and be transparent, folks seem to like hearing about others nitty-gritty. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or get notification when you have new content posted. Use your pages as a conduit for your blog. Update it often and keep it relevant.

I hope you see that being a sharp shooter when blogging for extra money will only increase your chance of being found and having folks navigate to your content because you a marketed to them precisely.

How to become a personal shopper. Another in the amazing home based business list (2017)

You say you want to become a personal shopper, you have the drive and agility; here is the in formation

Become a personal shopper
Happy Personal Shopper

Our world has become a fast-paced track that if you are not equipped to integrate you will be left   behind. People are busy in various parts of their daily life that finding time to simply shop is not possible. Even though it is a much-loved pastime, busy people cannot engage in it as they please. This is where the need for a personal shopper comes in. This article will reveal how to become a personal shopper.

A personal shopper is one that is hired to shop for other people. It is sometimes looked upon a glamorous job that d may lead to jealousy by many. While some personal shoppers have specialized areas of expertise, there are others that shop for everything their clients require.

There are several specialized areas of personal shopping one could opt for and there is a definite need for each one. Women’s fashion and accessories seem to be the leading specialty, next in line is gift shopping. Whether it’s corporate or personal, it is a fun specialty. There is also a growing demand for personal shoppers that will shop for groceries and gourmet foods. However, there are other smaller niches that also in demand, such as toys, jewelry, electronics and beauty products. You name it and there are people wanting it.

For the mere reason that consumer buying power have increased, it means that clients will come in all shape and form. There will be the corporate executive that wants a gift for a client, maybe a high-end boutique that’s looking for a personal shopper or even a company that wants gifts for a seminar or training camp. As a personal shopper, there will be clients that are senior citizens or homemakers that need someone to do their grocery shopping. The list goes on and on.

Information on how to become a personal Shopper

Become a personal shopper
Shopper walking

To become a personal shopper does not require any specialized training or education. However, a love of shopping and good organizational skills are helpful in having a successful business. Futher more, a love for shopping will help in the everyday aspect of your business. Your job is to go shopping so, it does help to enjoy what you do.

Having good organizational skills will help you by far. In this business organization is key to maintaining your operations. There are several aspects of running a personal shopping business that needs to be in check.

  1. Studying the latest trends to keep on top of your game.
  2. Consulting with new and existing clients
  3. Paper work
  4. Follow-up, whether with phone calls or meetings
  5. Shopping
  6. Attending special events pertaining to your business.
  7. Advertising your business, networking with stores and manufactures etc.

Have a system set up to assist with keeping organized? The latest that lots of entrepreneurs are turning to is having a virtual assistant. Therefore, you could hire one for however many hours you want, for however many days. The cost is nominal and will go up as your business grows and so does your needs.

Getting the business up and running

Becoming a personal shoppoer
Shopping wall

Once you have decided that personal shopping is what you want to do, getting your business prepared is the next step. Being aware of what you are going to offer your clients is important. Here is a list of some of the services personal shoppers provide.

  1. a) Shopping for goods or services required by clients
  2. b) Assist clients to outline their needs and wants
  3. c) Keep client on track with their specific budget
  4. d) Have a reminder service for holidays and special occasions.
  5. e) have delivery service in place.

Getting Started in the business of shopping and helping

First and foremost is:

Having a business plan.  This will give you focus and keep you on track with your business.

-Choosing the right business name

-Getting your business license

-Deciding on an office space

-Things you’ll need; phone, computer, stationary, printer, desk etc.

-Setting your fees

-Getting your financial matter organized

Now the time has come to start the business up and running, but without clients, there won’t be a business.

Getting clients

Deciding on a niche is important. You want to specialize in a market that interest you and that will be your target market. At first, you may take whatever business comes your way in order to grow and keep the business afloat.

The use of advertising tools is relevant in growing your business

Have a website that potential clients can find and get information on you and your services.

Produce a brochure that feature your business and what you are offering. Photographs speaks volume.

Start networking.  Get out and meet people, get your name out there and what it is that you do.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Join a network of like minded people in a groupe

If you choose you become a personal shopper you will have taken a career that is the envy of many people. You will be shopping at great stores, having lunches in little cafes and meeting interesting people.  You will be helping your clients that may not have the time to shop fulfill certain tasks. Turning you love into a business is the poor no more way to do things