Finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario]

Employment in Canada

Word on the streets that finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario] has become a tedious job. Not that it was all gravy before, but the availability of the so-call good jobs are becoming fewer. Long time employees are becoming redundant and laid off, only to find out that their jobs have gone to the Philippines or India. Yet, when you look at the facts that same company is servicing Canadians with their off shores staff.

Finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario]
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On the backs of Loyal Canadians

Many of these large corporations that have become very successful because Canadians are loyal individuals that are supportive and we stick together. Only later on, when greed has escalated  and corporations wants robots has employees, then the need for change comes about. It is all about the mighty dollar and who has the higher profit margin.

Folks are not entirely asking these guys on Bay Street to be nationalistic, only to have a sense of integrity. Deal with your Canadian clients as you would want them to deal with you. If it is Canadian businesses you are after, why not employ Canadians? Lets see how loyal you are.

With the high cost of living, extremely high taxes and house prices on its way to the moon, it’s a wonder you don’t hear Canadians screaming on every corner. I hear from folks working two and three jobs to make sure the bills are paid at the end of the month. Family time has gone down the drain as parents are finding it difficult to have that quality time together with their children. Children are feeling abandoned, but parents are left without much choice.

Make the choice for freedom

It is time for Canadians and especially Ontarian to stand in solidarity and state their dissatisfaction with these corporation and the government that allows them to move off sure, while still benefiting from Canadian dollars. It is the mission of this blog to encourage people to have their own businesses and dictate their pay check.

Finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario]

may seem daunting, but the opportunity to open and start your own business is easier than ever, now. There are big benefits in starting your own business including tax right offs and incentives

Finding decent employment in Canada [ontario]
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. Take the step into your future. Nothing in life is ever sure, but you can always try and see the outcome; you may just be surprise.

Poorness no more

Finding decent employment in Canada [ontario]
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