Making extra money from home is attractive, convenient, and lucrative.

It has always been in the back of my mind on making extra money from home for many reasons.  Spending quality time with my family, not combating external variables, and being in the comfort of my home while making money is of vital importance to me.

making extra money from home
Possibilty of making money from home

Know who you are doing business with

The moment I get onto my PC until I make my exit, my mind begins to work overtime of how to improve my cash flow and increase my bank balance via PayPal. In the same vein, there are a number of ways to get those online-revenue dollars deposited into your PayPal account. Though attractive this may be, one has to be careful and exercise a bit of common sense. Why?  Most online marketers seek to gain an entrance into your wallets and sometimes your email address is the starting point or the avenue to do so. They are hoping you will give them the one you are most likely to check a couple times a day.  This is to get you on  their mailing list  and later on sell to you. The money is in the list.


making extra money from home
scammers alert

Some others WANT you to pay a fee to get the information for the making extra money from home opportunity. This is a  total bogus and a load of horse manure. These are the scammers out to take your money from you. They wiggled their way around the internet seeking out the desperate looking for an opportunity.  They set up a bogus pages with information and links, some have fake testimonials and this is what catches a LOT OF FOLKS. You don’t need to be paying scammers for info on making money from home. Most legitimate bloggers have blogs that have been going strong for some and they have followers that can vouch for them. Here is a video on youtube that talks about certain opportunities available online that are time wasting.

What does it take to succeed

If you are tired of being poor and has decided on making extra money from home, then the best method is to go with what HAS BEEN TRIED and tested. Don’t worry about someone else offering the same thing, the internet is a big place. There is room for everyone to have a business on this forum call the internet.

What it takes  to succeed  is another story. It takes a bit more than hard work, it takes perseverance and determination. When you are writing or marketing and no one is coming or buying, you still got to go on. Quitting should not be an option. Winners never quit and quitter’s n ever win.  So, if you want to win you cannot quit. Revamp your business, fix your keywords, align your SEO with your blog inorder for Google to place you on the search engine.

Start talking to more like minded people, meaning bloggers and marketers.  You will learn more than you ever thought from those that are having success. I FIND MOST BLOGGERS TO BE KIND and ready to lend a helping hand. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I am sure you have heard this before, but a guest post is an ideal way to attract more readers and eventually making extra money from home. Again, I say reach out to an established blogger, introduce yourself and comment on his blog. In a nutshell befriend him/her and then offer to submit a guest post. When you write the post, do not be spammy and leave your link all through the post. You can put your link in your bio part and leave only one link back to your blog.

The Arsenal in the make extra money from home wagon is to make videos and put them on YOUTUBE. I haven’t personally done that as yet, but that is my next project. With YouTube you can be in front of thousands of potential CUSTOMERS AND READERS.

If you are selling a product, whether it is physical of digital, Facebook and Facebook Ads are a great choice. Your product or services will appear before its target audience. This is what makes a breeze on the internet; when you found your sweet.

So, to finalize this post, making extra from home money is possible. Ignore or stay away from those offering shiny objects and impossible promises. Instead, seek out legitimate entrepreneurs with realistic opportunities and do your own research.

Go make yours.


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