Be a Sharp Shooter in your blogging to make extra money

Make Extra Money Blogging

make extra money
Blogging with an aim

On your journey to get out of poorness a blog maybe one of your business project. This could be a great idea if it is well thought out and a plan is put into place.  The blog should be what folks are interested in getting information on. It should reflect your interest in the niche you have chosen. A visitor can mostly tell when interest isn’t in the written article. The posts should be addressing the issues at hand and administer solutions. If you give the people what they want they’ll come and keep coming back for move.

When  blogging to make extra money, do you just write on a random topic pertaining to your blog. Do you just write for writing sake, without a goal in mind or you are not sure what your post should accomplish? These are the questions every blogger needs to ask themselves before their fingers touch the keyboard. Why am I blogging and who is my audience is?

Blogging without an aim is like going for a walk with no destination in mind. One has to be focused on a target. Be a sharp shooter in your blogging. When you make a post on your site, ensure that you your post reaches your target. You will usually know this almost immediately if you have a big following. The comments will come rolling in fast and you’ll have feedback. Then you know you have hit the target.

make extra money
target blogging to make extra money

Keywords essential

Keywords are essential in hitting your target dead on. This is how readers will find you through a topic and the keywords that are in place. Use keywords and phrases that people are searching for. Ones that are long tail, meaning these are specific searches and not generic to a niche. Example of a generic search would be someone searching for ‘Oxford shoes’. A long tail keyword would be ‘brown leather Oxford shoes’. This will get you ranked quicker in the search engine and get you the traffic you so desperately need. Here  you will be able to get help with all your keywords need.

Blogging to make extra money with social media

No man is an island and we need to interact with others. Instead of you trying to reach a million readers all by yourself, why not let others help. Share your content with your followers as soon as it is PUBLISHED. It is important to have various social media accounts such as, FaceBook, twitter, Instagram and YouTub. This way, you will be able to reach a larger audience and spread the word about you and your website. The important thing is to ask your followers to tweet and share your content. More than likely they will share you with their tribe.

Create a page on Facebook for your blog or your business.  Interact with your visitors and be transparent, folks seem to like hearing about others nitty-gritty. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or get notification when you have new content posted. Use your pages as a conduit for your blog. Update it often and keep it relevant.

I hope you see that being a sharp shooter when blogging for extra money will only increase your chance of being found and having folks navigate to your content because you a marketed to them precisely.

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