Can’t find a job? Create One and become an Entreprenuer

Steps on becoming an entrepreneur

steps on becoming an entreprenuer
Proud business owner

The above headline statement is true, but better yet start a business. In some case a J.O.B is not as fulfilling as being your own boss. Sometimes a person must learn how to crawl before they walk and a job is a perfect crawling lesson. However, having a business is an ideal accomplishment for growth and wealth accumulation. The crazy thing is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, you just must want it bad enough. The steps on becoming an entrepreneur are many and each step has to be taken with great thoughts.

Having the right mindset

Your first bet is to get into a owners mindset. It is just more than wanting to become an entrepreneur, it is believing that you can do it. You have to be the one believing in yourself and you’ve got to want it bad enough.

Speaking of wanting it bad enough. My 22-year-old niece has been her own boss since the age of 17 and has hired her first two staff members in the last year. I don’t think when she first started there was any inclination that she would have accomplished so much in such a short time. Like many 17-year-olds she had a big interest in makeup and fashion. Looking for inspiration she turned to Youtube and found a plethora of videos that inspired and taught her techniques she didn’t know.

steps on becoming an entreprenuer
fashion and makeup is big business

After watching many videos and tutorials she felt incline to create her own and show to the masses. To tell you the truth, a lot of family members tried to discouraged her, but she held her grounds. Posting videos on Youtube did not take off immediately however, in one of her videos she made a blunder and that was the video that got her noticed. When the viewers saw that she was just human that made the same mistakes that they make, they started subscribing to her channel. TODAY, after five years on Youtube her subscriber list is 78,000 and her goal is to reach 100,00 this year and receive the Youtube 100,000 plaque. Her business is thriving and she brings in over $11 000 monthly for her content creation and views. Not adding in ties with several networks and reviews for companies.

How bad do you want it?

With all, you are the overseer of your destiny. With the right mine-set, motivation and inspiration a business can be formed out of anything that there is a demand for. Sometimes you need to look outside of the box because that’s where genius ideas are. Too many times folks are looking at the norm and think it is the only way. The adage says, ‘Why reinvent the wheel?’ But many times, the wheel is outdated and needs ingenuity.

Compile your God given talents and skills, evaluate them and come up with an idea that can help someone. Cosign to the steps on becoming an entrepreneur and have you plan ready to execute. Market yourself like mad to get traction and make money. Then do it all over again and again.

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