Why Are You Poor?


That is a question worthy to be examined. There is no short answer to this. To lend a balance perspective on this issue we will figure out what being poor is and why you are poor?

why are you poor; understanding poorness
Why are you poor?

The Poor Among Us

Being poor limits the quality of life for an individual and lessen the opportunity to improve one’s life style. Money is always the number one concern, it dominates every aspect of one’s life. Being poor can be debilitating. There is nothing to be embarrassed about being poor. Jesus in biblical times said, “the poor will always be among you.” This stands to reason that poverty is systematic. To support this assertion there is an abundant of resources throughout the world that if properly distributed the world would have no lacking. Let me put it where you can catch it, because of greed, corruption and manipulation many people are at a disadvantage resulting in poverty.

Family and your status of being poor

If you so happen to come from a certain pedigree or a certain family, then you are born with a gold spoon in your mouth. From a young child, you are groomed for success and wealth. Being sent to the best schools and in the environment to facilitate success. The flip side of things is being born in poverty. It is not easy to break the cycle when the deck is stacked against you. There is a constant struggle to overcome poorness and the environment you are in.

However, if one is societal, relentless and determined to overcome poverty he or she can by simply positioning themselves to attain a certain level of education and seeking their destiny. Where ever in life they are, always seek to upgrade. Example, if you have only a high school diploma, then you should get a technical or college diploma or upgrade in Canada here. Same thing for a high school diploma, go and get a GED and move forward.

Understanding Money Management

Many people are poor due to lack of money management skills. It is their inability to control and utilize their money effectively therefore, causing undue stress.

Money management is the ability to manage your resources. Whether you have a lot or not, you will know how to handle and control it. We live in a society that wants your money…it is their mission to get their hands in your pocket. Therefore, your objective is to keep as much of that money without short-changing yourself.

One of the most effective ways of holding on to as much of your money as possible is setting up a budget and sticking to it. A budget is a strategic financial plan in place to guide you in making wise decisions every day.  All your itemized expenditure and all income will be accounted for. One of the best money management and financial program I have seen so far is the Dave Ramsey’s, The Total Money makeover. This is the book that has transformed lives by showing them how to become prudent with their money, escape debt and poorness.

Lifestyle Management can Show why ARE YOU Poor

There is no shame in wanting the finer things in life, but there must be a gage that is in place to tell you want you can and can’t afford. You must be able to take each situation and access it, then having the discipline to know when you can’t afford it. Being able to control credit card spending, unnecessary expenses, excess eating out, over shopping for personal items and purchasing a car they can’t afford. These are a few of the items that people to go overboard on.

Being Poor Is Just a Detour on Life’s Journey

Being poor can be a state of mind. Many individuals have resided in their minds that the situation they are in is permanent. They came along and saw their grandparents and parents in that plight and they think it’s a genetic marker. If parents are poor there is a likely hood that the children will be poor. However, there is always the opportunity for many that is tenacious, ambitious and fill with agility to become financially secured. While there are other individuals that refuse to accept a poor life style and made the commitment to become financially well-off. The possibilities are endless for making money.

Poorness No More

Is Your Car Loan Putting you in the Poor House?

is your car loan putting you in the poor house?
Buying a new car

I can tell you that nothing beats the feeling of stepping into a new car and the smell that envelopes you make you giddy with pleasure. The only thing that will break the spell you are under is the thought of your car note. Like many of us there is a car note involved. Is your car loan putting you in the poor house?

This is the question many people are facing and for many the answer is yes. Do you own a car and your payments are bleeding you dry or you are about to purchase a car? Here are some advices that can save some money. Before you head into a dealership or confront a seller.

Know what you can afford

Is your car loan putting you in the poor house.
Buying a car

*Buying too much car- No more than 15% of your income should go to your car loan.

*The higher the value of the car, the higher the payments are.

*Higher insurance premium

*Higher repair cost when warranty expires

*Set up a monthly budget with all income and monthly expenses

Know the total cost of owning a vehicle, you may be surprised at the numbers. Only you can tell if this numbers are right for your budget. You want to know the interest rate that is being offered, then do a comparison with other lenders. Go for the lowest rate, that will mean lower monthly payments.

How it works

Example, if a person got a loan through the dealer it is going to cost him more than it would if he had gotten it from a traditional bank. The dealer must make his cut and the rate is going to be several percentage points higher.


Set you budget before venturing out and make the decision to stick to it.

*Check you credit score in order to know what interest rate you would be qualified for.

Not everyone can make a cash purchase of a new car and this is where financing comes to play.

*Before approaching a dealer have everything in place. This is going to save you a lot of headache and dollars.

*Have a down payment, 20% is preferred.

*Check your financial institution for preapprove loans.

*Nothing is carved in stone. If it doesn’t feel right, walk away.

It is advisable to pay cash, it is the smarter way to go. You will end up saving hundreds, maybe thousands on the final cast of the vehicle. No longer will the question be, Is your car loan putting you in the poor house? Remember Poorness no more is here to help you get away from being poor.

Practical guide to promoting your Business

promoting your Brand
Possibilty of making money from home

 Branding and promoting your business is truly on of the most important aspect of business growth. Its is the ability  to inform and indoctrinate others of concept.

  One of the greatest accomplishment is having an up and running home base business that actually reaches the mass. It transmit a sense of freedom and the financial benefits can be attractive. However, if your business is not surviving, not getting customers or nor getting questions. It is all in vain. Here is a guide to promoting your business and getting it sustainable.

Understanding Your Business

Knowing the concept of your business will help maneuver it into the right direction of growth. It’s like getting into your car and not knowing what the gear stick is used for. You won’t be getting anywhere anytime soon.

 Fully understanding the product or service you are offering the client will enable you to guide them on the right path. Nothing bugs a customer than a representative that doesn’t know their product.

Understanding the demographic, you are targeting. If you are selling adult diapers you don’t want to be targeting teenagers.

These things can make a significant impact when it comes to growth. Your goal is to find the right fit for whatever it is that you are offering.

Do you have a unique selling proposition that makes you stand out from the crowd? What do you do that gets you noticed.                                                                 

An example, you are in a crowded room and you see a friend across the room. You try to get your friend’s attention but, so does ten other people. What will you do so he notices you? Can you do something different so the focus is on you? You need to get the attention of your friend.

Next thing you do is put all your concepts into a business plan and come up with a practical guide to promoting your business.

Figuring out your brand and logo

Your logo is your representation in the promotional aspect of the business. When someone sees your logo, they will immediately recognize what company the logo is representing. Nowadays it is not expensive to get a logo created. There are sites like  this that will do a professional looking logo for around five dollars.

It is all over the internet the importance of branding, both personal and for the business. This is going to be how you promote yourself to others. Furthermore, it is the side of you that you prefer others to see

_Business Cards

These are great for networking. Handing them out to people you meet will give them a chance to become a potential client or a referrer.

-A cellphone

Take people’s number and email for later contact.

Facebook Profile or Fan page

More people have a FB profile than any other social media site. Folks will be able to connect with you and form relationships.

When doing up a fan page I would suggest you opt for a professional looking page, you want to give the impression of being worthy of their business.

A blog or a website

This is a receptive way to communicate with you clients and potential clients.

LinkedIn Profile

This is where you get to connect and an excellent site to networking with people from every industry imaginable. Meet like minded people.

An email address

The internet is a major technology roadway and is the fastest way to send documents and communicate. It is one of the way social media communicates with you.

 Branding and Promoting Your Business


It has been said, do what you love and it’ll never be work. Your passion should be your business and you want to be compensated for that passion. Your brand will be a representation of that passion. Transmit that passion to others by your enthusiasm. Show your lifestyle, how being your own boss makes you feel and how are benefiting others.

Start with documenting your vision for your business. What is your company’s mission and how are you going to accomplish that mission?

It is time to recognize the niche that your passion falls in. Claim that niche and give it everything you have.



Making extra money from home is attractive, convenient, and lucrative.

It has always been in the back of my mind on making extra money from home for many reasons.  Spending quality time with my family, not combating external variables, and being in the comfort of my home while making money is of vital importance to me.

making extra money from home
Possibilty of making money from home

Know who you are doing business with

The moment I get onto my PC until I make my exit, my mind begins to work overtime of how to improve my cash flow and increase my bank balance via PayPal. In the same vein, there are a number of ways to get those online-revenue dollars deposited into your PayPal account. Though attractive this may be, one has to be careful and exercise a bit of common sense. Why?  Most online marketers seek to gain an entrance into your wallets and sometimes your email address is the starting point or the avenue to do so. They are hoping you will give them the one you are most likely to check a couple times a day.  This is to get you on  their mailing list  and later on sell to you. The money is in the list.


making extra money from home
scammers alert

Some others WANT you to pay a fee to get the information for the making extra money from home opportunity. This is a  total bogus and a load of horse manure. These are the scammers out to take your money from you. They wiggled their way around the internet seeking out the desperate looking for an opportunity.  They set up a bogus pages with information and links, some have fake testimonials and this is what catches a LOT OF FOLKS. You don’t need to be paying scammers for info on making money from home. Most legitimate bloggers have blogs that have been going strong for some and they have followers that can vouch for them. Here is a video on youtube that talks about certain opportunities available online that are time wasting.

What does it take to succeed

If you are tired of being poor and has decided on making extra money from home, then the best method is to go with what HAS BEEN TRIED and tested. Don’t worry about someone else offering the same thing, the internet is a big place. There is room for everyone to have a business on this forum call the internet.

What it takes  to succeed  is another story. It takes a bit more than hard work, it takes perseverance and determination. When you are writing or marketing and no one is coming or buying, you still got to go on. Quitting should not be an option. Winners never quit and quitter’s n ever win.  So, if you want to win you cannot quit. Revamp your business, fix your keywords, align your SEO with your blog inorder for Google to place you on the search engine.

Start talking to more like minded people, meaning bloggers and marketers.  You will learn more than you ever thought from those that are having success. I FIND MOST BLOGGERS TO BE KIND and ready to lend a helping hand. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I am sure you have heard this before, but a guest post is an ideal way to attract more readers and eventually making extra money from home. Again, I say reach out to an established blogger, introduce yourself and comment on his blog. In a nutshell befriend him/her and then offer to submit a guest post. When you write the post, do not be spammy and leave your link all through the post. You can put your link in your bio part and leave only one link back to your blog.

The Arsenal in the make extra money from home wagon is to make videos and put them on YOUTUBE. I haven’t personally done that as yet, but that is my next project. With YouTube you can be in front of thousands of potential CUSTOMERS AND READERS.

If you are selling a product, whether it is physical of digital, Facebook and Facebook Ads are a great choice. Your product or services will appear before its target audience. This is what makes a breeze on the internet; when you found your sweet.

So, to finalize this post, making extra from home money is possible. Ignore or stay away from those offering shiny objects and impossible promises. Instead, seek out legitimate entrepreneurs with realistic opportunities and do your own research.

Go make yours.



Get your bitcoin
Get your bitcoin

The future has arrive where participating on a social media site is not only fun, but now it pays to have fun. Make money with social media. Futurenet is paying out with Bitcoin. Great thing is that payments are made in Bitcoins, which is on the highball of investments. With one of the greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffet getting in on the action. This is no joke about what is to come, the future of money as we know it has changed. Currency, as in today will no longer be, but Bitcoin in tomorrows future is sure.

Invest your time in building a sustainable income by doing all the things you loved doing on social media for free. Make money with social media and build your future.

Make Money with social media

Invite your friends to join in on the action and build your tribe. It’s time to eliminate poorness out of our vocabulary and embrace FINANCIAL STABILTY.

Futurenet has taken the lead and moving forward with the payout with digital currency. This kind of currency is an investment gold mine with the potential to make you financially stable.

Futurenet is here to stay and to allow you to earn and earn well. The opportunity is now. FUTURENET, a WAVE IS COMING.


Finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario]

Employment in Canada

Word on the streets that finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario] has become a tedious job. Not that it was all gravy before, but the availability of the so-call good jobs are becoming fewer. Long time employees are becoming redundant and laid off, only to find out that their jobs have gone to the Philippines or India. Yet, when you look at the facts that same company is servicing Canadians with their off shores staff.

Finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario]
corporate employees

On the backs of Loyal Canadians

Many of these large corporations that have become very successful because Canadians are loyal individuals that are supportive and we stick together. Only later on, when greed has escalated  and corporations wants robots has employees, then the need for change comes about. It is all about the mighty dollar and who has the higher profit margin.

Folks are not entirely asking these guys on Bay Street to be nationalistic, only to have a sense of integrity. Deal with your Canadian clients as you would want them to deal with you. If it is Canadian businesses you are after, why not employ Canadians? Lets see how loyal you are.

With the high cost of living, extremely high taxes and house prices on its way to the moon, it’s a wonder you don’t hear Canadians screaming on every corner. I hear from folks working two and three jobs to make sure the bills are paid at the end of the month. Family time has gone down the drain as parents are finding it difficult to have that quality time together with their children. Children are feeling abandoned, but parents are left without much choice.

Make the choice for freedom

It is time for Canadians and especially Ontarian to stand in solidarity and state their dissatisfaction with these corporation and the government that allows them to move off sure, while still benefiting from Canadian dollars. It is the mission of this blog to encourage people to have their own businesses and dictate their pay check.

Finding decent employment in Canada [Ontario]

may seem daunting, but the opportunity to open and start your own business is easier than ever, now. There are big benefits in starting your own business including tax right offs and incentives

Finding decent employment in Canada [ontario]
0 Where are the jobs
. Take the step into your future. Nothing in life is ever sure, but you can always try and see the outcome; you may just be surprise.

Poorness no more

Finding decent employment in Canada [ontario]
Where are the jobs

Can’t find a job? Create One and become an Entreprenuer

Steps on becoming an entrepreneur

steps on becoming an entreprenuer
Proud business owner

The above headline statement is true, but better yet start a business. In some case a J.O.B is not as fulfilling as being your own boss. Sometimes a person must learn how to crawl before they walk and a job is a perfect crawling lesson. However, having a business is an ideal accomplishment for growth and wealth accumulation. The crazy thing is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, you just must want it bad enough. The steps on becoming an entrepreneur are many and each step has to be taken with great thoughts.

Having the right mindset

Your first bet is to get into a owners mindset. It is just more than wanting to become an entrepreneur, it is believing that you can do it. You have to be the one believing in yourself and you’ve got to want it bad enough.

Speaking of wanting it bad enough. My 22-year-old niece has been her own boss since the age of 17 and has hired her first two staff members in the last year. I don’t think when she first started there was any inclination that she would have accomplished so much in such a short time. Like many 17-year-olds she had a big interest in makeup and fashion. Looking for inspiration she turned to Youtube and found a plethora of videos that inspired and taught her techniques she didn’t know.

steps on becoming an entreprenuer
fashion and makeup is big business

After watching many videos and tutorials she felt incline to create her own and show to the masses. To tell you the truth, a lot of family members tried to discouraged her, but she held her grounds. Posting videos on Youtube did not take off immediately however, in one of her videos she made a blunder and that was the video that got her noticed. When the viewers saw that she was just human that made the same mistakes that they make, they started subscribing to her channel. TODAY, after five years on Youtube her subscriber list is 78,000 and her goal is to reach 100,00 this year and receive the Youtube 100,000 plaque. Her business is thriving and she brings in over $11 000 monthly for her content creation and views. Not adding in ties with several networks and reviews for companies.

How bad do you want it?

With all, you are the overseer of your destiny. With the right mine-set, motivation and inspiration a business can be formed out of anything that there is a demand for. Sometimes you need to look outside of the box because that’s where genius ideas are. Too many times folks are looking at the norm and think it is the only way. The adage says, ‘Why reinvent the wheel?’ But many times, the wheel is outdated and needs ingenuity.

Compile your God given talents and skills, evaluate them and come up with an idea that can help someone. Cosign to the steps on becoming an entrepreneur and have you plan ready to execute. Market yourself like mad to get traction and make money. Then do it all over again and again.

Be a Sharp Shooter in your blogging to make extra money

Make Extra Money Blogging

make extra money
Blogging with an aim

On your journey to get out of poorness a blog maybe one of your business project. This could be a great idea if it is well thought out and a plan is put into place.  The blog should be what folks are interested in getting information on. It should reflect your interest in the niche you have chosen. A visitor can mostly tell when interest isn’t in the written article. The posts should be addressing the issues at hand and administer solutions. If you give the people what they want they’ll come and keep coming back for move.

When  blogging to make extra money, do you just write on a random topic pertaining to your blog. Do you just write for writing sake, without a goal in mind or you are not sure what your post should accomplish? These are the questions every blogger needs to ask themselves before their fingers touch the keyboard. Why am I blogging and who is my audience is?

Blogging without an aim is like going for a walk with no destination in mind. One has to be focused on a target. Be a sharp shooter in your blogging. When you make a post on your site, ensure that you your post reaches your target. You will usually know this almost immediately if you have a big following. The comments will come rolling in fast and you’ll have feedback. Then you know you have hit the target.

make extra money
target blogging to make extra money

Keywords essential

Keywords are essential in hitting your target dead on. This is how readers will find you through a topic and the keywords that are in place. Use keywords and phrases that people are searching for. Ones that are long tail, meaning these are specific searches and not generic to a niche. Example of a generic search would be someone searching for ‘Oxford shoes’. A long tail keyword would be ‘brown leather Oxford shoes’. This will get you ranked quicker in the search engine and get you the traffic you so desperately need. Here  you will be able to get help with all your keywords need.

Blogging to make extra money with social media

No man is an island and we need to interact with others. Instead of you trying to reach a million readers all by yourself, why not let others help. Share your content with your followers as soon as it is PUBLISHED. It is important to have various social media accounts such as, FaceBook, twitter, Instagram and YouTub. This way, you will be able to reach a larger audience and spread the word about you and your website. The important thing is to ask your followers to tweet and share your content. More than likely they will share you with their tribe.

Create a page on Facebook for your blog or your business.  Interact with your visitors and be transparent, folks seem to like hearing about others nitty-gritty. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or get notification when you have new content posted. Use your pages as a conduit for your blog. Update it often and keep it relevant.

I hope you see that being a sharp shooter when blogging for extra money will only increase your chance of being found and having folks navigate to your content because you a marketed to them precisely.

How to become a personal shopper. Another in the amazing home based business list (2017)

You say you want to become a personal shopper, you have the drive and agility; here is the in formation

Become a personal shopper
Happy Personal Shopper

Our world has become a fast-paced track that if you are not equipped to integrate you will be left   behind. People are busy in various parts of their daily life that finding time to simply shop is not possible. Even though it is a much-loved pastime, busy people cannot engage in it as they please. This is where the need for a personal shopper comes in. This article will reveal how to become a personal shopper.

A personal shopper is one that is hired to shop for other people. It is sometimes looked upon a glamorous job that d may lead to jealousy by many. While some personal shoppers have specialized areas of expertise, there are others that shop for everything their clients require.

There are several specialized areas of personal shopping one could opt for and there is a definite need for each one. Women’s fashion and accessories seem to be the leading specialty, next in line is gift shopping. Whether it’s corporate or personal, it is a fun specialty. There is also a growing demand for personal shoppers that will shop for groceries and gourmet foods. However, there are other smaller niches that also in demand, such as toys, jewelry, electronics and beauty products. You name it and there are people wanting it.

For the mere reason that consumer buying power have increased, it means that clients will come in all shape and form. There will be the corporate executive that wants a gift for a client, maybe a high-end boutique that’s looking for a personal shopper or even a company that wants gifts for a seminar or training camp. As a personal shopper, there will be clients that are senior citizens or homemakers that need someone to do their grocery shopping. The list goes on and on.

Information on how to become a personal Shopper

Become a personal shopper
Shopper walking

To become a personal shopper does not require any specialized training or education. However, a love of shopping and good organizational skills are helpful in having a successful business. Futher more, a love for shopping will help in the everyday aspect of your business. Your job is to go shopping so, it does help to enjoy what you do.

Having good organizational skills will help you by far. In this business organization is key to maintaining your operations. There are several aspects of running a personal shopping business that needs to be in check.

  1. Studying the latest trends to keep on top of your game.
  2. Consulting with new and existing clients
  3. Paper work
  4. Follow-up, whether with phone calls or meetings
  5. Shopping
  6. Attending special events pertaining to your business.
  7. Advertising your business, networking with stores and manufactures etc.

Have a system set up to assist with keeping organized? The latest that lots of entrepreneurs are turning to is having a virtual assistant. Therefore, you could hire one for however many hours you want, for however many days. The cost is nominal and will go up as your business grows and so does your needs.

Getting the business up and running

Becoming a personal shoppoer
Shopping wall

Once you have decided that personal shopping is what you want to do, getting your business prepared is the next step. Being aware of what you are going to offer your clients is important. Here is a list of some of the services personal shoppers provide.

  1. a) Shopping for goods or services required by clients
  2. b) Assist clients to outline their needs and wants
  3. c) Keep client on track with their specific budget
  4. d) Have a reminder service for holidays and special occasions.
  5. e) have delivery service in place.

Getting Started in the business of shopping and helping

First and foremost is:

Having a business plan.  This will give you focus and keep you on track with your business.

-Choosing the right business name

-Getting your business license

-Deciding on an office space

-Things you’ll need; phone, computer, stationary, printer, desk etc.

-Setting your fees

-Getting your financial matter organized

Now the time has come to start the business up and running, but without clients, there won’t be a business.

Getting clients

Deciding on a niche is important. You want to specialize in a market that interest you and that will be your target market. At first, you may take whatever business comes your way in order to grow and keep the business afloat.

The use of advertising tools is relevant in growing your business

Have a website that potential clients can find and get information on you and your services.

Produce a brochure that feature your business and what you are offering. Photographs speaks volume.

Start networking.  Get out and meet people, get your name out there and what it is that you do.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Join a network of like minded people in a groupe

If you choose you become a personal shopper you will have taken a career that is the envy of many people. You will be shopping at great stores, having lunches in little cafes and meeting interesting people.  You will be helping your clients that may not have the time to shop fulfill certain tasks. Turning you love into a business is the poor no more way to do things


10 Legitimate Ways to Earn Cash this Holiday and into 2017

The holiday season is upon us and a bit of extra cash is always welcome. Each year it seems that the amount of people on my list has been increasing.

  • Once the holidays passed there comes the credit card bill that must be paid off in a timely manner. Therefore, addition income is required make that happen.

That means I have to find ways to earn cash this holiday and into 2017. Here are a few ideas to help you along.

Gigs to Earn Cash

earn cash for the holiday
make money with gigs

Gift Delivery…is in high demand this time of year. If you have a reliable vehicle and you are wanting, make some extra cash this holiday this might be something to consider. It is a hectic time of the year and most people are strapped for time so, this is a service that you can offer. Contact friends and family, advertise in your local newspaper and at your child’s school about the service you are offering. Don’t forget to set your prices where you are covering your gas expenditure and paying yourself.

Baking Christmas Treats…must be one of my favorite things to do in the holiday season, but my time is limited due to my much tight schedule. I would be a relief if I found someone that makes holiday treats and delivered it to my home. Many people that work outside the home are finding it difficult to bake treats and do holiday decorating because they are so busy so, a service that does would be a welcome help. Let friends and neighbors know the service you are offering. Set up a basic menu< but be flexible if someone wants a special item.

Drop-in Sitter…is mostly needed on a last whim. If a mom is at home with her two little ones and she has to run to the mall, it is not always convenient to take the little ones along. A drop-in sitter comes in handy for this scenario. If you are at home Most of the day and has the time to dedicate to a few extra children in your home, then this maybe a good fit for you. This service is also great for caregivers that are looking for a break to run errands.

EBay Selling…This may seem over rated, but it works. For some reason people like buying other people’s stuff. It’s from the adage “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure’. You can go around your house and collect items that no longer interest you, like that ugly sweater you got for Christmas and place it on eBay FOR SALE. Use the money to buy something you’ll (after you’ve paid the credit card balance off) wear.

Homemade craft for gifts…If you are the crafty kind; think about this as a home business. The trend arising is handmade craft. People seem to be looking for something different when shopping for gifts and have turned to handmade products. ETSY is a great example of quality hand-made and useful items.

The World of Apps

ways to earn cash for the holiday
Apps for cash

This seems to be the latest in digital trends.  Most stores have an app to capture the mobile shopper. It is so convenient to earn cash for the holiday by downloading the ones you prefer and getting paid to sell things you have lying around your home.
Here are a few companies that will compensate you for each month you have their app INSTALLED on your device.

Nielson Apps for Mobile– You  are reward just for having the app.

Surveys for cash…Taking surveys is a tried and true method that I think everyone online have done at one point or the other. There are many companies that offers surveys for cash, prizes or sweepstakes entries. Depending on the company will depend on the prize.

NIELSEN HOME-SCAN CONSUMER PANEL…Is a popular consumer survey company that conducts surveys. You can sign up for the app on their site and you will be sent a scanner for you to scan your purchases monthly.  There are also surveys to be done and compensation comes in the form of points that are accumulated for gift prizes.

Swag Bucks>>>Is one of the more legitimate companies, offering various chances to  get points< which can be redeemed for gift card and prizes.

Apps You Could Earn cash with

Book Scout is an app that allows you to scan the IBS code for a book and then a number of quotes from book vendors will pop up. If a quote is accepted, a shipping label become available for printing.

Ebates will give you $5 for joining and every dollar spent you will receive a cash back.  The power of making money for the holiday becomes easier with Receipt hog

Foap– This app is simple for making photographs that you upload to the site’s market place and it will be priced at $10.

So, being strapped for cash doesn’t mean all is at lost. There are several ways to earn cash over the holidays without the hard lifting.
Have yourself a blessed holiday and don’t over spend


updated Dec 31, 2016