Getting off Government Assistance and Moving On with Your Life.

Poor cxhild
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On government assistance?

Nothing is wrong with that if you are using it as a short term stepping stone to get back on your feet.  Government assistance was developed to assist the needy. There are different types of programs, depending on the need of the recipient.  There is money allocated for food, housing, and medical needs, with subsidies for low income working workers.

Receiving welfare

Note * Poorness is a crime and a person can die from needs in a situation like that. There is no shame in asking help when it is needed. This is why the system is set up the way it is. The government has set up programs to help. Two of the most prominent programs are social security and Medicare provided by the government. When a person finds themselves in a destitute state, with no job, no means of getting ahead, no family and desperation is all they know. The welfare system was developed for that very need. The system has other branch that offer other specialized service such as, unemployment insurance and medical insurance.

Being on social assistant can take away a person independence, and their need to be self-sufficient if it is not used as a stepping stone to get through a rough period. When things are constantly being given to a person they loose the will to go out and get it for themselves, it is just human nature. So, the sooner one can take themselves off the better it is for them.

Here are some ways to get off social assistance and pave your financial way.

I hear this saying many times. “I’m not working for minimum wage.” In reality it is better to have something coming in that you have worked for. It boosts the self-esteem and eventually you will crave for more.

Can’t find a job, next best thing is to create a job. There several businesses that an individual can start from home that will generate an income.

  1. A home child care– If you love children this can be an ideal opportunity. Ask around your neighborhood or advertise at your child school or at church for anyone needing child care.
  2. Do you like baking? – Of course the grocery stores are filled unhealthy bake goods, but you are going to do something different. You can make organic or vegan or even Paleo bake products and sell to your neighbors and friends. Eventually your business will advertisement by word of mouth. There are laws that regulate food production from home. Here is the USA info link and here is Canada’s link.
  3. How about shopping?– There is a need for personal shopper as folks become busier and find it difficult to venture in the malls to shop. Start by asking around to your friends and then word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to grow your business.
  4. Do you like to see a sparkling clean home? – There is always a need for home cleaners. Advertise and do an exceptional job and your business will grow rapidly to the point that you may have to contract out the work.
  5. Are you an exceptional cook? Become a personal chef. You go into someone’s home, prepare meals for the week, package them and then you leave. Or, be the personal chef at theme parties and events.


The home base business is a wide open field, it is up to you to make the decision to take the leap and start your journey to financial freedom.


Deciding to return to school to further your education.

Furthering your education will give you the tools needed to enter a specific field with the right training and knowledge to succeed. Becoming a professional will definitely put you on the track to a healthier financial future.

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