Google is changing SEO Alogorithm for 2017

googles seo voice earch
voice search

So, the big boys and gals, Google is at it again. When they first came out with the Humming bird folks thought that was bad. Then came the Penguin which was rather brutal for some. We are drawing closer to 2017 and we can expect BrainRank which is the new ALOGORITHM Google is coming out with.

Google seo changing
keyword usagei

Keyword changes

With Facebook and Yahoo having their own algorithm, there is going to be competition for Google. There will be new standards of evaluating sites and ranking them.

Keywords as we know it will change. Long tail keywords will be more like sentences. This will be more conversational.  It’ll be like talking to Siri. Microsoft has already adjusted Cortana so, it’s more conversational or more human.

Get ready or even More Voice Search

googles seo voice earch
voice search

There will be a lot more voice search both on mobile device and on your computer. Mobile searches are up and Google has recognized this. Hence. They are going to be ranking sites that have moved over to the AMP. With Google indexing, they want content to be their criterion, not loading time of the site.

Forget those 3,000 words post

We have been schooled for so long about writing long detailed post. However, with the trend that’s on, now Google has changed its mind once again. No longer are epic post favorable for ranking.  Google is looking for condensed post or quick videos. We see where this is coming from, everything is quick and condense. Take a look at the website delish, delicious food prep in  a few minutes.  Look at snap chat, video message in second. Everything is short and to the point.

Google wants people to feel safe

Is your site secure? Do you have the http?  Google found that people want the confidence of knowing a site is safe and they are respecting peoples wish. Move your site to a secure domain and improve your SERP RANKING.

There are more changes coming be sure of that. Whether everything pans out, keep in mind a change  is coming and how  we view SEO.

Food and Money: The Power Struggle

Weight Loss and Poorness: Food and money

The essence of this blog is to make money from home and be poor no more and know the power of food .This is an important topic that resonate with a lot of people in today’s society. However, the goal of this blog is weight loss and I personally thinks it correlates to leading a healthier, better life and leaving poorness behind. Food and Money: The power struggle is real and money can determine the state of a person’s health. There are several ways to gain good health while trying to reach one’s goals.

Having all the money in the world and not being able to enjoy it because of ill-health is useless. Losing weight and becoming a healthier person will enable you to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Too many times individuals are caught in the make money craze and forsake their health, which is essential for a great life.

A persons ideal weight is an individual assessment,  to determine the state of health and to set goals. Their situation may stem from various reasons, for examples stress due to over work  and not being able to exercise  or just mere over eating. Just look around in today’s society and the fast food joints, the food is cheap and fattening. If you are poor that’s the place you are moist likely to eat.  Hence, if you are not careful you’ll end up poor and fat.

Knowing the power of food

Food has the power to outwit an individual and the control to keep them fat. It has the ability to blindside and make them lose their will power. Usually a person will use a new diet to lose weight and get their health in check. But what is needed is a new way of thinking, the brain must learn other coping mechanism. Ways of coping with stress, finding the will to exercise and ways to  eliminate destructive eating habits  is the individual’s responsibility.

Strategy for drop the weight

Make conscious effort to eat healthy and make better choices

Develop a mantra that resonate with you. Mine is ‘I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.’ This works when ever I am confronted  with sweet delicious desserts which are high in fat and sugar. The change that needs to come is from inside. The mind has to be ready for change. The brain is what control the body and the emotions.

You will have to take it a strep further and purge your home and working environment. Get rid of sweet indulgences, unhealthy things  that willk derail your weight loss efforts. The hidden snacks on your desk or cupboards must be gone. Avoid foods that contain sugar,corn syrup,dextrose,sucrose, fructose, honey, molasses sorghum or any type of artifical sweetener.  With these measures taken you are reeducating your brain to want the healthier foods and crave what is healthy.

No sugar forever? Not necessarily. Later when your taste buds have changed  and sugar is no longer your KYPTONITE., you maybe able to add a small about to you diet.  Avoid sweets for a month and experience the dramatic results.

Final Thoughts

Just like making m0ney, good health is there for anyone that desire it. All it take is to assess where you are and the end result. Take action and develop your staying power.

Poorness no more


The latest in the list of Amazing Home Base Business Ideas


handmade beauty product
handmade vegan soap

Handmade beauty products

It’s not like there are not enough beauty products on the market, but people are concerned about what goes on their skin. The popularity of handmade beauty products has made an upturn in the last few years. Due to the fact that there is an awareness of what are the ingredients of the commercially manufactured products. We’ve added this idea to the latest in the list of amazing home base business ideas.

Handmade beauty products are a hot commodity right now and the market is ripe. In order to get start organization is essential.  There are a ton of information out there on getting started in the beauty product arena. From the internet to many books written and even videos that will guide you through the process.

How to make it in a saturated market

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollars’ industry and the competition is stiff. However, it is possible to have great success with a bit of planning and strategizing. Don’t think you are going to compete with big box stores. There is a huge market out there for handmade beauty products. Offer custom made products and specialize in one area. Keep your niche tight, don’t have twenty products that are all over the place. Be the go to person in a needed niche and have just the product for that niche.

When you have a handmade beauty product that is amazing, it is best to share it with friends and family to get your feet wet in the selling process. Ask for referrals, word of mouth is the best advertisement Next, you can set up an Etsy store or go for Shopify, where they will give you two weeks’ free trial. Use this time to feel out the market. Set up your Instagram account, Facebook page and Pinterest accounts, these are your free advertising platforms. Don’t forget to start a blog and collect email subscribers, that’s where your money lies.

Final say

What’s holding you back from starting a home base business? Is it fear or lack of capital? You have to want it bad enough to go and get. If it fails? Move on to the next idea, quickly. Life is a learning process and you only get better at it with experience. Start your business by choosing the right niche, make the best products for your customers. Put it out there, have no shame when it comes to selling your products. It is wise to be grateful and to give back.

Go on and get it.

Poorness no more

The Compound Effect and how it can transform your home-base business.

 compound effect
consistency brings success

When you hear about compound you automatically think of investing and reinvesting of interest. Which in a sense is correct, but we are not talking about finance, today? Our topic will be compounding of daily activities to gain success. We are going to look into the compound effect and how it can transform your home-base business, when done properly.

The Compound Effect

Money, money, money everyone wants it, but only some know how to make it from home. Those that know how to make it use a certain method and that method is the compound effect.  Recently I read a book written by Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect. It is an easy read, but it is my favorite book read so far. This book sits on my coffee table because I reference it when I am feeling impatient with something I am doing.

Darren teaches that taking small seemingly insignificant steps over time, consistently will earn massive results. Research shows the concept works every time. We live in an ever fast paced world, an instant gratification period. Most people don’t have the patience to build up upon on anything. They want it now, whether it is financial, love, family or the job. In a home business doing actionable task consistently over time can catapult your business to huge success.

Leave Bad Habit Habits

It is not easy moving away from the “I want it now” attitude because society has instilled this. These are bad habits that are forged over time. There comes a time when changes are needed in order to accomplish greatness.  Let repeating positive steps become a habit in your life. Science shows that pattern of thoughts and actions repeated many times create what’s called “neuron signature” or “brain grove.” Attention feeds habit. Do the action consistently and it will become a natural part of you.  This how the compound effect works.

Anything is achievable with consistent repetition whether it in business, personal growth, health, wealth or relationship. I personally am growing this blog with consistent content and personal growth that I pass along to you my readers.

Poorness no more!

Starting A Homebased Baking Business

 Making the Decision

When searching for a home-based business one has to dig deep into their arsenal and come out with different innovative ideas. I did just that and came up with a home-based baking business.

If you are someone that enjoys baking and making tasty treats, then starting a baking business maybe right up your alley. Do a self-evaluation and some research to ensure that you have what it takes to start a home business. It’s not just about baking up some goodies, there are more intricate tasks involved. The business side of a home-based baking business involves basic book keeping, great customer service and marketing. These are the basic fundamentals for a business. Remember this a sustainable business you are aiming at.

Home-base baking business
Delicious Baked Linza Torte

Introducing Yourself as a Business Owner

If family and friends are aware of your skills in the kitchen, you can inform them that you are starting a business. Introduce yourself as a business owner. Most times they will support you. Also ask to be referred to their friends and acquaintances. Offer your services for birthday parties, anniversary celebration, weddings and dinner parties; the opportunities are endless.

Another great way to get business is to bake up a batch of your product and take it to any small café, restaurants or pastry shop in your town. Give a little presentation of what you can offer and your price. More than likely, they’ll give you a try. My motto is “nothing try is nothing done”.

A great idea is to let people sample your products. Have a tasting party and invite family, friends and neighbors to try and critique your goods. This is a great way to get your name out there and improve your products. The best advertisement is word of mouth for your home-based bakery business.

The Technical Part of Home-Base Baking Business

While some states and provinces allow you to bake and resell without a permit, several do require one. In the USA it is a 20-C  Food Processor Permit. An inspection is usually carried out at the place of the potential bakery business, if things are up to par, then a permit will be issued. However, if things are not up to the public health inspector’s(Canada)

home-based baking business
Baking in the kitchen

standard, then the business will not be approved. I am saying this so as to save you a lot of headache and money. A few years ago I open a small gourmet café in Toronto and had the place renovated to suit me. I however, did not call the ministry of public health to do an inspection before I opened. When I did opened they came a month later and did the inspection, to my dismay there a number of minor thing that weren’t in  place and that ended up costing money and time. I could have saved myself all that hassle if I had done my research correctly.

Getting insurance is another necessity for the business. It is always better to be covered than have something happen and you are not.

Final thoughts

Your products should be done to the best of your.  If you take an order, ensure you are able to complete the obligation. It’s better to not take the order, rather than disappoint a customer. ability. Consistency is what’s going to BREAK OR MAKE YOUR BUSINESS.

So, finding a home-based business that one can do is pretty as thinking about your talents and skill and how you could create an income from them.

Wishing you success.

Beware  Of Notorious ‘make Money from Home Scams’


Working from Home

Ever thought an opportunity was too good to be true? Well, it probably is. Since the internet has become a way of life for many people the number of scams of every magnitude have emerged. It is quite possible you have been a victim of online scams in the past. This article is to enlighten you  and help you beware of notorious ‘make money from home scams’.

make money rom home scams

Everyday the incidence of make money from home scams are increasing. Not until people are educated  and made aware of the posing threat they are, that we can start getting them off the internet. Too many innocent people are losing their money and the perpetrators are getting away free.

Work from Home Scams


1)You are asked to pay a hiring fee

  1. a) If someone promises you a job, but insist you pay a fee for administration, processing or uniform, then it is bogus.

2) Identity theft through job application.

  1. a) You submit your personal information and it gets into the wrong hands. It is used to steal your identity and commit fraud.

3) Being hired for an illegal job.

  1. a) Do not get caught up in the “reshipper” scam.
  2. b) You are hired to receive packages and then ship them overseas.
  3. c) You are required to ship the packages overseas and then get paid with a fraudulent cheque.

4) Bank Accounts

  1. a) You are required to open a bank account or accept company’s check so as to ‘TEST’ the wire transfer method.
  2. b) The company has no physical address or never able to contact a human.

5) No transaction records

Don’t Be a Victim of make money from home Scams.

With so many works from home programs available, it is important to do thorough research before making any decisions. It is best to join a program that has been recommended by someone you trust and where there are testimonials. These testimonials should be verifiable.  Whether it is stuffing envelopes, assembling toys or flashlights or even medical transcribing you can be victimized. Many times it’s in the form of nonpayment. You a ire entitled to report any company to the Better Business bureau that are behaving unscrupulously. Victims have rights when it comes to internet scams.

It is important to be alert and be aware of ‘make money from home’ scams that have been set in place to trick you. They will take your money and leave you dry. There is little that can be done in the way of being reimbursed, because the company would have closed up shop and taken off. Keep your information and money secured.


How Not to Get Lost in The Flock of Bloggers

how to not get lost in the flock of bloggers
Love blogging

Believe me, when I say there are a lot of bloggers out there trying to keep their heads above water and not get lost.  There are millions of blogs created every month that doesn’t survive their first year. You wonder, what is it? Maybe it is their content or lack of their inconsistency or just wrong niche, whatever it is blogs are dropping like flies that got sprayed. So, the big question is, how not to get lost in the flock of bloggers, and how survive in this blogging jungle?

When I tell people that their niche is everything, they do a double take. But, it is true. If you start your blog in the wrong niche and there is no audience, how are you going to make money and have a successful blog? You could have the prettiest ‘baby doll blog’ or write like Shakespeare and it’s just a thrill to read, if no one is seeing it, then you are writing for yourself and Grandma Annie. Your goal is to attract visitors to your blog and offer them something of value.

Why visitors come to your blog

Whenever someone enters your space blog they are there looking for something. They already came with an agenda and hopefully you have what they need. If you don’t, they are out of there faster than you can say, “who’s that”. That is why keywords and niche researching are so vital in a blog success. You have got to give the people what they want and they, in turn, will give you their loyalty.

Give them what they want

Giving information via your blog cannot be mediocre, it has to be innovative, vibrant, passionate yet, give the right information. There are a lot of blogs in the blogging world churning out regurgitated stuff. Swell, we all want to be different and have the hit factor, but is not easy. You’ve got to try out old techniques, after all, they have been tried and proven to work.  Experiment with new information and give an accurate report, be the go to person for bloggers. Your thought should be, how not to get lost in the flock of bloggers and be another blog that is laid to rest.

Is thinking outside of the box always the right thing?

Folks are always saying, “Think outside of the box.” Which in most part is a good idea, but being in the box has already been tested and tried. Others before you perfected the method and that’s why they are successful.You stepping out of the box is taking a chance, can you afford to take that chance. That’s a question each blogger must ask themselves if they can be the Guinee pig. Mind you, if it works, then you are the hero, if it doesn’t, well… Sometimes risks are necessary for the greater good of blogging.

Finding your way and how not to get lost in the flock of bloggers 

The precepts here is to be noticed and make money as a blogger, to be visible and let your voice be heard. Blogging is about forming a relationship with people and build a little tribe.

Alexander Wang Mini Rookie Bag: My latest addition

Alexander Wang Rookie Bag
Rookie Bag

The Rookie Bag

My love for handbags goes deep within me. I have had this love affair since I was a child. You could not catch me out without one and it’s been like that ever since. My favorite designers are Betsy Johnson, Alexander Wang, and Saint Laurent.

I have recently been fortunate to acquire the Alexander Wang’s mini Rookie bag and I am ecstatic. It’s compact which makes it versatile for both day and night wear. The Rookie bag and made from pebbled leather and it is black in color, with gold studs at the bottom.  It has an adjustable and detachable strap that I find very convenient. The lining is done in fabric and there is a hidden side zip pocket that is perfect for small accessories.

Alexander Wang Rookie Bag
Studded ROOKIE bag
Alexander Wang mini Rookie Bag
Studded ROOKIE bag

My Thoughts

When I acquire a designer bag I basically do it as an investment piece. This bag will be with me for years and years to come. I have had bags that I pay $40-$50 and maybe they’ll last me a year before I’ll have to replace them. I purchase a coach bag in 2009 and it is still in excellent condition. Buying quality products save you money in the long run.

Alexander Wang mini Rookie bag is a beautiful, soft and classic bag that can be brought on any occasion. It is definitely a keeper.

Bags and Money

Online Business: Fighting Your Way from Poverty

Wanting an Online Business

Reaching your wits end can be a humbling experience, you see the strength that is deep within you. It is not a matter of your well being, but those that depend on you. It is about not disappointing and living up to the responsibilities that you have acquired. When all else fails and your only resort is fighting your way from poverty with your online business you put your all in it.

I am so happy that I have an amazing family that has my back at all times. It is with gratitude that I say thank you for being who you are. My girls are my motivation because they look to me to see how I react in difficult situations, how I align myself to overcome adversities and they learn from that. My husband, Mr. Mac is my strength; his belief in me goes beyond the stars. He thinks I can do anything I set my mind to doing, and because of that is why I am a blogger, today.

Using a Blog to Overcome Being Poor

I am not going to sit here and tell you that blogging is going to ge

poverty online business
working hard at home base business

t you off the poor line immediately, but with the right attitude, killer motivation and a love for your niche, you are on the right path to blogging success. You’ve got to love what you’re doing, if not, then it’s a job. Most times we go to our jobs because we need to, not because we want to.  With a blog, write because you want to, not because you must.

My journey into the blogging world started a few years ago with another blog and I can tell you I am no way near the top of the pyramid. I have a lot of work to do on this blog for absolute success, but I can tell you I am in it for the long haul. Once you’ve tasted what this blogging life is about, there is no going back. Blogging is hard work with great rewards.

Getting out of POVERTY

Fighting your way out of poverty with your online business is the twenty first century mindset. It is the dream of many people to have an online business that would allow them to spend more time with their families and a way to control their income. Once you have a mindset, figure out if a blog is for you. Can you write an article and more articles on the same theme, but different topic? Do you know enough about the topics?

Is an ecommerce site a better option for you? Do you like fashion, food, electronic etc? This would call for savviness in advertising so as to get visitors to the site.

Affiliate marketing is another great way to make money online. It is where you sell other people’s products and they pay you a commission.

If you love writing and can write on various topics with going blank, then this business maybe for you. Many writing sites pay between $20 and $2000 for articles that clients are requesting. For all of these opportunities, they must be treated like a business if you are fighting your way from poverty with an online business.

Purchasing a home in Toronto without drowning in Debt

purchasing a home in Toronto
New Home
  • Decision time

  • I made the decision to purchase a home earlier this year when I notice the unrealistic increase in house price and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. When my husband and I decided to get on the housing ladder we opted for a new home. We wanted to leave the city and be on the outskirt of Toronto.  Our search led us to Whitby, Ontario, where we found a lovely town-house in the mid 400’s. Purchasing a home in Toronto can be a scary feat. We made our choice, signed the papers and we were off. Our house would not be ready until mid November 2016.

Purchasing a new home in Toronto calls for a bit of planning.  Because I know the added expenses that come with buying a home and especially a newly built house can be exuberant.  From new construction cost to upgrades and it can throw your budget over board. This is one of the reasons I chose a new construction, the length of time before closing. With this time period, we are able to save more in to order pay for upgrades that would make our lives more comfortable and hidden closing.

Getting Ready To Purchase

It is great to purchase a home, but you have to plan ahead and have all your ducks covered.  Here is a list of things that need to be accomplished before making what could be the largest purchase you make in your life.

  1. Decide your price point

Have your down payment saved, which includes closing costs.

Save extra for upgrades if purchasing a new home.

Have extra for incidentals ei. Moving cost or new furniture


Purchasing a home   Toronto can wipe out your savings

My advice is not to deplete your savings when purchasing a new home, It is important to have enough savings in case of emergency. Find ways of topping up your savings with a make money online or make-money from  home program.


It is now five months since we purchased the house and four months until we close the deal and topping up our saving is now our priority.