How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur and Gain Financial Freedom.

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Having a regular 9-5 is great if it pays well and you get to spend quality time with your family. However, if these things are not cover it is just a J.O.B (just over broke). They are probably paying you just enough to keep you coming back, which will not get you to financial freedom. Mind you, I have nothing  against working a regular 9-5, but when one can not reach financial freedom I got a problem. There is a better way.

Entrepreneurs are in charge of their time, they love what they do and they make a lot of money depending on how successful they are. You may find yourself admiring an entrepreneur’s lifestyle and wishing to have the same financial freedom. The great thing is anyone with the drive can become an entrepreneur. As an employee you may find you have to curb yourself around your work place, you have to watch what you say, make it to work at certain hours, follow someone else’s leadership even when they are wrong because you want to keep your job. If this is you, you may want to make the vital transition to an entrepreneur. So how do you make the change from an employee to an entrepreneur? Well, first you need to understand exactly what an entrepreneur is; an entrepreneur is someone who has started a particular business with the aim of making profit. For you to gain financial freedom by becoming an entrepreneur you need to first find your interest and passion. You can list all the things that interest you down, you will find that you probably have more than one idea listed, pick the one that is most viable to you at the moment. This will be important because sometimes you will have difficult days and your passion is the only thing that will keep you going. Once you find your passion try and translate it into cash. How much do you think people would be willing to pay for your products or service? Is that amount able to sustain you? If the idea you have is already quite popular think of a way you can twist it or make it different from the other available options. Next you need to carry out a survey of the potential customers you have in mind and what they would like. Basically do a market survey and find out where you are most likely to find customers then set up your business there. Begin by making a business plan where you work with figures, how much will the raw materials cost or the things needed by the business including the cost of transportation and any other business costs then adjust your price of your commodity accordingly.

When getting started begin small scale with a few customers then create a customer base. Work with what you can deliver and be disciplined with your money putting aside money to pay yourself, money to buy more stock and for saving and increasing the business. As the business grows you can get to know what people like and don’t like and how you can readjust yourself. You may need to hire other people to work for you then think of how you can increase your customer base through either advertising or changing the area where you sell your product.

For the first few months you may want to do your business as a side business while keeping your employment as you become more successful you can finally resign from your present job and go into full time business. As you change from employee to entrepreneur you will need to keep good records of what you put in the business and how much you are making. These records will help you determine whether you are making a profit or a loss. If you are making a loss you will need to change tactic and if you are making a profit then think about using it to expand your business. This way you will finally be able to achieve financial freedom to be able to manage your personal expenditure and the business needs as well.

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