Why Are You Poor?


That is a question worthy to be examined. There is no short answer to this. To lend a balance perspective on this issue we will figure out what being poor is and why you are poor?

why are you poor; understanding poorness
Why are you poor?

The Poor Among Us

Being poor limits the quality of life for an individual and lessen the opportunity to improve one’s life style. Money is always the number one concern, it dominates every aspect of one’s life. Being poor can be debilitating. There is nothing to be embarrassed about being poor. Jesus in biblical times said, “the poor will always be among you.” This stands to reason that poverty is systematic. To support this assertion there is an abundant of resources throughout the world that if properly distributed the world would have no lacking. Let me put it where you can catch it, because of greed, corruption and manipulation many people are at a disadvantage resulting in poverty.

Family and your status of being poor

If you so happen to come from a certain pedigree or a certain family, then you are born with a gold spoon in your mouth. From a young child, you are groomed for success and wealth. Being sent to the best schools and in the environment to facilitate success. The flip side of things is being born in poverty. It is not easy to break the cycle when the deck is stacked against you. There is a constant struggle to overcome poorness and the environment you are in.

However, if one is societal, relentless and determined to overcome poverty he or she can by simply positioning themselves to attain a certain level of education and seeking their destiny. Where ever in life they are, always seek to upgrade. Example, if you have only a high school diploma, then you should get a technical or college diploma or upgrade in Canada here. Same thing for a high school diploma, go and get a GED and move forward.

Understanding Money Management

Many people are poor due to lack of money management skills. It is their inability to control and utilize their money effectively therefore, causing undue stress.

Money management is the ability to manage your resources. Whether you have a lot or not, you will know how to handle and control it. We live in a society that wants your money…it is their mission to get their hands in your pocket. Therefore, your objective is to keep as much of that money without short-changing yourself.

One of the most effective ways of holding on to as much of your money as possible is setting up a budget and sticking to it. A budget is a strategic financial plan in place to guide you in making wise decisions every day.  All your itemized expenditure and all income will be accounted for. One of the best money management and financial program I have seen so far is the Dave Ramsey’s, The Total Money makeover. This is the book that has transformed lives by showing them how to become prudent with their money, escape debt and poorness.

Lifestyle Management can Show why ARE YOU Poor

There is no shame in wanting the finer things in life, but there must be a gage that is in place to tell you want you can and can’t afford. You must be able to take each situation and access it, then having the discipline to know when you can’t afford it. Being able to control credit card spending, unnecessary expenses, excess eating out, over shopping for personal items and purchasing a car they can’t afford. These are a few of the items that people to go overboard on.

Being Poor Is Just a Detour on Life’s Journey

Being poor can be a state of mind. Many individuals have resided in their minds that the situation they are in is permanent. They came along and saw their grandparents and parents in that plight and they think it’s a genetic marker. If parents are poor there is a likely hood that the children will be poor. However, there is always the opportunity for many that is tenacious, ambitious and fill with agility to become financially secured. While there are other individuals that refuse to accept a poor life style and made the commitment to become financially well-off. The possibilities are endless for making money.

Poorness No More

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